Target Program 

( XI to XII )


VERTEX is equipped with the team of top most faculties for preparation of class XII Board Exam conducted by CBSE along with sound preparation of JEE (Main+Advanced) /NEET

Our meticulously planned courses and well-timed completion of the syllabus renders sufficient time to the engineering and medical aspirants for self-studies and thorough revision. Our subject experts explain the basics in a simple manner using illustrations which helps students to get well acquainted with the topics.

Getting a first-hand feel of studying in a rigorously competitive environment, our students further develop their ability of problem solving skills and demonstrate superior performance. Every test attempted by the students gives them a clear idea of their understanding of the topic, strengths and weaknesses. By being a part of the on-going year round curriculum, they adapt themselves well to the pattern of paper and are successful in the examination with ease. Besides delivering knowledge we encourage and motivate our students to make most of their abilities by boosting their confidence.

In this programme School studies and IIT-JEE/NEET studies are not only synchronized but merged into one only. In this way student 

  • Get adequate time for self study.
  • Can do effective Learning. He/She will not have to study two different topics of the same subject on the same day. He/She will be able to give total optimal time for a topic from IIT-JEE/NEET perspective.

Course features

  1. This program runs on 6 days in a week in extra hours.
  2. Students enrolling in this program will have an integrated study plan
  3. Entire course coverage in 8 Phase (Class XI – 4 phases and XII – 4 Phases) in line with PTs of school curriculum.
  4. Each Part is complete with Part Tests (based on JEE/NEET pattern.)
  5. Part Tests are followed by Test Analysis Sessions.
  6. Study materials ofTARGET are completely mapped with textbooks. These materials are slightly higher level than textbooks of respective classes.
  7. Workbooks are given for Home Assignments.
  8. CBT(Computer Based Test) : These tests make students acquainted with a diverse set of examination patterns. Tests are based on the syllabus taught till date.
  9. Weekly objective tests are conducted. These tests are based on JEE/NEET pattern.
  10. Doubt removal sessions.
  11. This program in VGS is being conducted under leadership of Er. Arvind Tripathi, who is Director of Momentum, a renowned coaching in Gorakhpur.