Our House System And Merit Scheme

Upon entry to our school, each student is allocated a House:

  • VGreen ( Tagore House )
  • VYellow( Teresa House )
  • VBlue (Vivekanand House )
  • VRed (Raman House )

Within each class, we try to ensure a balanced number of girls and boys in each House.Our House system enables us to have a merit scheme whereby students earn PAWS.

The House system also enables smooth organisation of internal competitions such as house sports events.

PAWS stands for:

  • Positive behaviour
  • Academic achievement
  • Working together
  • Sports

The children earn PAWS to record their academic and non-academic achievements. Children can be awarded 1,2, or even 3 (in exceptional circumstances) PAWS for a variety of reasons. The system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement as well as fostering a strong community spirit amongst them. The children collect PAWS throughout the year, potentially earning Bronze, Gold & Silver certificates. Children record all PAWS on their own giant PAW with all PAWS subsequently tallied at the end of the academic year and added to house totals.

Students’ Council (Investiture Ceremony )

If we are to live in democratic community we must permit our students to have the experience of governing some of their own affairs. Hence, there is duly constituted organization of students called Student’s Council selected through investiture ceremony each year. With some office bearers- head girl,head boy,sports captain,prefects etc.