Music (including dance) benefits everybody, in general, and every student, in particular, Some of its benefits are: Music education greatly helps in Academic Studies: Music develops abstract reasoning necessary for academic success and mathematics and science. Music improves the ability of higher-level thinking.

Our vision is to make the learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to children. The students are trained for various programs, school functions, and stage shows. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers who have mastered the art of engaging them in melody and rhythm. Here, the students are taught folk, light and classical music along with playing various musical instruments like the sitar, harmonium, bongo, etc. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students, who have an inclination towards dancing, by qualified Indian & Western dance teachers.


VERTEX participates and encourages students to participate in activities that uplifts environment around us.

Here’s a glimps of few of our past events.