Safety & Security

5 areas where the school must take responsibility of its students

Since children spend a substantial part of their day in school, it is imperative that the ambience in schools remain positive and nurturing, and student safety is ensured along with the children feeling safe and secure among their care providers.

Safety and learning go hand-in-hand. Students who feel that they are not adequately supported and safe at school, both physically and psychologically, cannot learn to their fullest potential. This calls for a proactive collaboration on establishing and monitoring safety procedures applicable to infrastructure, resources, transport, as well as the emotional and physical well-being of children within the school campus to create a safe learning environment.

Our school follows A 5 POINT holistic approach to ensure children’s safety at school:

  • Measures are taken to keep the school environment including the school building, premises, playgrounds, laboratories,, computer rooms, libraries, toilets, drinking water facilities, school buses, transport area and the surroundings safe and secure.
  • The building is earthquake resistant to ensure “life safety”, and be more resilient to hazards
  • School administration, staff, teachers as well as students are made aware and prepared to respond to any catastrophe, natural or man-made.
Psychosocial safety
  • Just as the physical safety of children in schools is important to ensure complete student safety, so too is their psychosocial safety.
  • We have installed CCTV cameras at strategic locations across school premises to ensure that a child’s day-to-day life in school is constantly being monitored and recorded.
  • The school is vigilant and is constantly on the lookout for any forms of child abuse, whether physical, emotional. The staff is trained to understand key indicators of child abuse, and be prepared to respond instantly to inappropriate or harmful behavior
School transportation and safety

Feeling the actual need of the hour we provide an easy-to-use system to ensure safety of children and fleet management in real-time, and provide parents with constant updates of their children’s whereabouts. Transport staff, be it transport incharge, drivers and support staff, they are regularly given training to handle their day to day activity.

Background verification of staff

When it comes to hiring teachers, administrators and other school staff, there are many good reasons why we conduct pre-employment background checks for student safety, This will help school in screening people who come in contact with students within the school premises, including teachers, administrators, sports coaches, cleaning staff and volunteer

Visitor management system
  • Our visitor management system with visitor sign-in information and photo ID badges instantly increase the level of security in schools
  • A school can easily collate information from contractors, volunteers, parents, and staff visits during the sign-in/sign-out process.
  • Bio metric security systems in school automatically track student’s attendance records based on their swipe time