Testimonials 1: Santosh Prasad

Our son is studying in the Vertex Global. He has interest in Engineering, in Computers. But, we didn’t want to burden him with academic and competition. Therefore, we admitted him to Vertex. Vertex has to offer what we exactly wanted. Quality Education with no non-sense curriculum add-ons.

Testimonials 2: Anjali Sharma

We got to know about Vertex from our co-residents. Unki beti bhi wahi padh rahi thi. Like our kid, there kid was also from CBSE background. So, we also admitted her to Vertex. Now both of them are simultaneously preparing for NEET along with academics. Itna pressure bhi nhai hain bachcho par ab. If you are going for the NEET prepr, we will definitely recommend Vertex

Testimonials 3: Sunil Dubey

If you are planning for long-term ediucation for your child, to yield him into a good profession, then Vertex Global is your choice. Their advanced curriculum of high school years can set the journey of your child from matriculation.