How to ensure overall & Well balanced Development of a child

It is easier to build stronger children by mentoring them from very early stage than to repair broken one. So this course is specially designed for overall development of child from very early stage.

To Experience Our Uniqueness, Let’s Witness the battle of

Myths v/s Facts

Child is too young to Learn-myth

Early Childhood is the Best, Easiest & Most Effective time of Learning- fact

Child will get Burdened-myth

The younger the age of exposure, the Easier & More Successful is the Learning- fact

Child will make Mistakes-myth

Mistakes help in Brain Development-fact

We believe in building strong Children by giving them

World Class Exposure

Overall & Well Balanced Brain Development
Unique, Latest, International Research Based content

Course features

  • Material expertise Guidence and analysis of science/maths/English olympiads
  • This program runs on 2 days in a week
  • Scientifically developed books are provided keeping in mind the level of Olympiad exams.
  • Weekly Objective tests and analysis.