5 Jul

Teachers Play an Indispensable Role in Improving Student’s Creativity and their Overall Development

Creativity is potentially possessed by everyone, though this talent is hidden and is mostly identified at a young age of a person by his/her teacher through proper education. Creativity is a factor that influences student learning outcomes and is an ability to develop something different from previous ideas. A creative student is more active and is quick to come out with creative ideas.

Today schools need to create a learning environment, which encourages creative thinking among students. This is only possible with the support of teachers who can encourage students to develop creativity which is undoubtedly the most important life skill. Schools these days need to infuse classrooms with creativity due to the immense benefits it serves to students in the classroom and also later in life.  

Why Fostering a Creative Learning Environment in Classroom is Important?

To develop creativity among students it is important to have a creative learning environment at schools. This will encourage students to learn through trial and error, make use of their imagination while studying, and will also allow them to think critically to solve problems. It will also facilitate students to practice and develop their own ideas, and theories, and execute them aptly.

Teachers play an indispensable role in fostering creativity in students that both directly and indirectly benefit them. Teachers are in a unique position to create a creative learning environment, as students do not feel embarrassed for expressing their ideas and taking chances, rather they feel comfortable in trying new things and making mistakes. Students are always encouraged to pursue creativity in their every activity and they consistently adopt creativity in solving every problem.

How Teachers Can Promote Creativity among Students?

There is no straightforward way to develop creativity in students but teachers can adopt a few simple things to foster creativity skills among students. Teachers can encourage creativity in the classroom by augmenting existing practices and by giving students opportunities to use their creativity. In addition to these, teachers can also promote creativity among students through the following ways:

  • Teachers should provide students with assignments that have multiple ways of finding a solution instead of having a single correct answer because this will allow students to make use of their creative instincts.
  • Teachers should not lay stress upon memorization-focused tasks and instead should provide students with assignments in which students have to use their imaginations and creativity to answer.
  • Teachers have a crucial role in helping students find the right resources to assist them in writing essay online free. They make sure that students get the support they require to thrive academically, creating an environment where learning is both enriching and accessible.
  • Students should never be spoon-fed by teachers; instead, teachers should give them time to figure out things on their own.
  • Teachers must provide creative feedback to students to stimulate creative thinking and must also encourage their creative thinking which will help them realize the value of their creativity.
  • Teachers are like role models for students and hence teachers who exercise their own creativity in front of students always motivate his/her students in class to possess the same qualities.
  • Students are quite inquisitive about the world, so teachers can make use of this trait to help them explore new things and learn about them.

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